Exposing 'Singapore Sugar.Mummy Hookup Job'
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted Jul01,2023
Location India
Company Information

Website: http://
Job Description

I am from India,  came to Singapore to work 3 year ago

I saw the ad and contacted agent

Pay US$400, to bitcoin wallet provided

Fill in particulars, attached with photo

Agent show me pics of men

I picked one.

Then i was asked to pay $9000 for Shangri La hotel room , condom, misc charges

Why so expensive?

I dont want

Agent ask me to pay him 0.2 BTC

Too much

He will post my particulars online if i dont pay

I then helped him post ads in forum, job ad sites

Then i saw Rahman Team exposing his deeds on Twitter.

I get in touch with them, telling my experience.

I realised the pic I picked is TV actor- Zhu Hou Ren

I felt cheated. I know then there are no sugar daddies but the scammer using photos of actors / actresses and politicians

Shame on you, Celine Hah and your scam agency!

Qualifications No qualification , just stupid
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