My own testimony on Sugar Mummy Job -
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted Jul09,2023
Location Singapore
Company Information The Law Firm

Website: http://
Job Description

I am from law firm

my boss , always engage in commercial sex activities

He is one of those reviewing the ads sent to commercial sex forum. and award those ads as genuine.

We visit those ladies in hotels whom agents said they act in porn movies in Japan, and Eastern Europe. and find these people credible and award them advertising rights in commercial sex forum

We heard of Celine Hah Singapore Hookup Agency

This person put a lot of effort in posting ads, even got youtube channel..

Boss sent me to check this out

Celine asked for $300 registration fee ,and asked me to fill in form,

Celine then sent me photos of these ladies.

One is Sun Xueling , (Minister of State), Carrie Tan  and Tin Pei Ling( Members of Parliament) and the rest are actresses from Medicorps


I asked for refund as this person was playing a fool

Celine said no refund.

Need to pay $3000 for admin charge

Told my boss

Boss sent her $3000

But she ask for $9000 which she claimed that she put a lot of effot talking to those high society ladies

Can you all believe that?

To the owner of so called Sugar Mummy Hook Up agency.

don't mess around with us, we are not to be trifled with

We heard from other team that you are addicted to online gambling and you need a lot of money to fund your gambling habit.

What do you gain by cheating and exhorting money from people?!


Qualifications very stupid
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