Don't try "Singapore Based Sugar Mummy Hookup Job"
Job Type Full-time
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Date Posted Aug12,2023
Location Singapore
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Warning! Don't try "Singapore Based Sugar Mummy Hookup Job''

Last night, I paid $300 fee

I was asked to fill in form, and submitted my photo

I was shown pics of ladies

Guess what ? there are all female politicians and actresses

I asked : all those peoples offer sex and pay me $3000 -$5000 per night?

That person: yes, you have to pay us $3000 for admin charges (for booking of 5 star hotel in Sentosa,..)

I then realised that all those warning about sugar mummies scam is true.

I asked for refund since that person said it can be refunded if client not interested.

However, I was asked to pay $3000 admin charge first because of effort made to contact those ladies

When I woke up today, I saw many watsapp messages every hours..

"Pay up ! or we will post your details everywhere!"

"Hurry Up! pay $3000 ASAP!"


"If cannot pay $3000, you have to work with us"

This is insane..



take note!

Do you believe that Member of Parliaments and actresses do  sex services and gave away $5000 to every guys ?

I recognise that actress among the sugar mummies pic- Eelyn Kok

She is not that rich , she and her husband struggling to pay monthly instalment for her home, car, electricity bill,


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