Beware of Sugar Mummy Hookup job
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted Sep14,2023
Location Singapore
Company Information

Website: http://
Job Description

I paid $300

Submit particulars and photo

Pics of ladies came later


Who are those ladies?

Eelyn Kok ( actress)

Fann wong ( actress)

Amy Khor ( minister)

Sun Xue Ling ( Minister)


Are they willing to strip naked and have sex with strangers and give males $5000?

I replied to prankster, " forget it, return my $300"

Prankster asked for $4000 as admin fee.

Just now, he ask me to work with him posting


So, thats what it meant by "Sugar Mummy Hookup Job"


Very disgusting of him to use actress photos , label them as sugar mummy

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